Untold benefits of emu oil

The untold benefits of emu oil Benefits of emu oil are numerous; however this multi purpose miracle oil is still unknown to most consumers. After reading this article and researching the facts, you would be amazed at the benefits of emu oil. The benefits of emu oil were discovered by the native Aborigines of Australia many hundred years ago. The early British settlers discovered some of these benefits that were passed on by the native Aborigines. Recent research studies are shedding light into the benefits of emu oil.

Let’s begin by identifying the source for emu oil and where it comes from. The emu bird is native to Australia and runs wild in the outback. Not to get confused with the ostrich a look alike but lives continents apart and both flightless runners. They look similar in appearance but belong to different families. The ostrich bird is approximately 25% taller in height compared to the emu bird. Ostrich it native to Africa and the Emu is native to Australia. So, what’s so special about the emu bird’s oil? The emu birds have a layer of healthy natural fats on their back to protect if from the extremes of climate in the Australian outback. Emu oil consists of omega 3, 6 and 9, and 70% of the fatty acids are unsaturated. The diet of the emu bird determines the thickness of the oil and the color composition. It is due to this that the Australian Emu stands out against the commercially farmed products in India and other Asian countries. Some of these producers market their products as Australian Emu at cheaper prices. It is important for the consumer to be aware of the original Australian Emu products for their superior quality, non chemical contaminants and non use of pesticides. This makes all the difference when buying a good emu oil product.

Benefits of Emu oil on your skin

For this discussion, we would only be discussing the benefits of emu oil on the skin, as opposed to all the other numerous benefits it contains.

• Studies have determined that emu oil heals wounds, eczema and scars on the skin.
• It contains anti inflammatory properties which assist in healing chronic skin disorders.
• Emu oil is known to alleviate diaper rash, skin infections, fungi, bacteria and acne.
• The linolic acid in the oil is a great cell regenerator which is very effective for wrinkles and anti aging properties.
• Emu oil is a potent anti oxidant and is on of the best anti aging skin moisturizers in the market place.
• Not many moisturizers can compete with emu for lubricating the skin and preventing moisture loss.
• Emu oil is a great for outdoor sun protection and for repairing sun damaged skin.
• For older people emu oil is a great skin thickener and studies have demonstrated positive results.
• Dr William Code from British Colombia has studied the benefits of Emu oil for pain management when applied on the body. • It is known to reduce muscle, back, neck stiffness and swelling or discomfort and pain in the body.
• Dr Thom Leahey from Arthritic Clinic of Adrmore, Oklaham has documented the positive effects of emu oil in substantially reducing pain caused by arthritis. • A study by Dr Margaret Craig- Schmidt, from Auburn University has confirmed emu oils ability to reduce inflammation of the joints.
• Emu oil is a great trans dermal carrier that absorbs in to the skin rapidly due to its non phosphorous composition.

These are some of the many benefits of emu oil that research studies have documented. After discovering the all the benefits of emu oil, you would ask the question “why the hell would anyone be buying petroleum based department store skin moisturizers?” This is due to the lack of information, large corporate marketing dollars and conditioned habits.

Pure emu oil consists of a strong animal fat smell from the oil and it is not pleasant smelling as a moisturizer.  We spend huge amounts on anti wrinkle and anti ageing facial serums but over look on products for the body.  This is why Emu cream is your answer for daily use and delivers on results.   Find out why this is a top seller on Amazon.


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